What are the advanced functions in INFINITI Intelligent Key?

These advanced capabilities play an important role in enhancing the luxury appeal of INFINITI vehicles; however, the availability of the following functions varies depending on the vehicle:

1- Automatic Drive Positioner (2-driver memory)

Simply, by pressing the unlock button on the key fob after setting a specific positions, you can link the stored information about this particular position to individual Intelligent Keys. When an Intelligent Key is used to unlock the vehicle, these linked settings of that Intelligent Key are recalled.

2- Enhanced Intelligent Key Memory

Enhanced Intelligent Key Memory in Q50, Q70, and QX60 allows each key fob to be programmed to activate additional personal settings when unlocking the vehicle, including the HVAC system, audio system, and navigation system. Moreover, Q50 adds the ability to personalize dynamic settings as well with INFINITI InTuition.

In order for you to use this function, all Intelligent Keys for your vehicle must be linked to a memory for any of them to activate HVAC, audio, and navigation settings. In addition, the vehicle must be unlocked using the programmed Intelligent Key.