Al Masaood

Dear loyal customer, As the world witnesses the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the UAE continues to work tirelessly utilizing all of its capabilities and knowledge to overcome this crisis and rise above the challenge. Through its quick implementation of a series of preventive and precautionary measures aimed at containing the spread of the virus, the UAE Federal Government has been among the first to combat the spread of the virus. Al Masaood Group remains fully committed to following our leaders’ directives and adhering to the highest health standards set by the UAE. We will remain vigilant in complying with the set precautionary measures that aim to maintain the health and safety of our employees, customers, and the nation at large.

If you choose to visit us, please rest assure that all our showrooms and workshops will remain open without disruption to serve you in the current uncertain times. 


Should you require to book your car service, we have introduced solutions for your convenience & safety:

  • Drop your key service is now available 24 hours at any of our Abu Dhabi service centers.
  • You can enjoy the option of a vehicle drop off & delivery along with settling the transaction at your doorstep.
  • Whilst your vehicle is in for service, we can offer an Antibacterial and anti-disease causing microbes AC treatment to keep
    you safe and healthy.


We are committed to ensure our availability to    assist you with in these uncertain times.

For further assistance, you can always reach out to us through the following channels:


Download The Al Masaood Auto App and experience our personalized services including a live chat with one of specialists.

Email us at


Toll-Free 800 300 800 -(Saturday toThursday - 09:00am to 09:00pm)


Toll-Free Roadside assistance 800 262 247 - (24x7)


We will carry on monitoring the situation and evaluating any necessary measures to protect
our employees and customers. 


Stay safe! 

Irfan Tansel

CEO, AL Masaood Automobiles